10 Minute Yoga For Constipation

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10 Minute Yoga For Constipation. But before that lets check out some of the common symptoms of constipation-Symptoms Of Constipation. Gently fold your left leg and place it on the right leg.

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All these yoga asanas massage your internal digestive organs increase blood flow and oxygen delivery. Remain in those pose for 30 seconds to a minute taking gentle but long breaths. In turn the small and large intestines are worked upon which help to fight constipation.

Draw your right knee into your chest so that it is putting pressure on your ascending colon.

A few minutes of daily yoga practice can help prevent infrequent bowel movement straining and bloating. Here are 10 poses handpicked for you which you can practice on your own and wave goodbye to constipation once and for always. In this lunge your forward foot should be directly over your knee and you should be up on the ball of your back foot. Youll need a small pillow to complete this routine.