Anime Laugh Rich Girl

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Anime Laugh Rich Girl. Complete with a bent-wrist-to-cover-the mouth pose. Yuno in Mirai Nikki Future Diary seems absolutely normal.

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Onlap - The Awakening Outro. Another soon-to-be favorite crazyish yandere anime girl. Her slow evolution into a more -dere type was well done and believable.

Nanami from Revolutionary Girl Utena very frequently laughs this way.

Top Romance Anime Between RichWealthy And Poor Boy or Girl - Part 1 in HD Note. In the anime he starts out as a bit of a jerk with low self-esteem and an unearned reputation of badness. And if she can make you feel like dirt shell do it just to amuse herselfShe can be especially vicious to suitors pursuing her who are not up to her sometimes impossible standards. She still gets a bit of sympathy due to Parental Abandonment.